Skillfully Done

Here’s an illustrious powerplay if ever there was one. Follow closely…


DAD: Son, you have to get married. I have a girl for you.

SON: Not possible!! I don’t want to marry.

DAD: Think twice son. She is Bill Gates’ daughter!

SON: Ok Dad, I am ready!


(Dad goes to Bill Gate)


DAD: My son wants to marry your daughter!

BILL GATES: Not possible!

DAD: Think twice, my son is the CEO of Swiss Bank.

BILL GATES: Well, she’s ready!


(Dad goes to Swiss Bank Bank)


DAD: Make my son the CEO of your Bank!

BANK: Not possible!

DAD: Think twice, he is Bill Gates’ son-in-law.

BANK: Your son’s job is confirmed!


Is this not a great example of superlative management skills!?


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