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twitter-logo-618-340x300Readers of By George Journal will know we are on Twitter – @ByGeorgeJournal – and we tweet a regular stream of quotes, communications insights and remarkable retweets.


Here are some facts about Twitter that may surprise you…


  • Today, Twitter has 313 Million monthly active users
  • 500 Million visit Twitter monthly but do not log in
  • 82% of Twitter users are mobile
  • The average Twitter account has 208 followers – and is a woman with an iPhone
  • 29,2% of US social media users are Twitter users. That makes for 66 million Twitter users in the United States.
  • 83% of world’s leaders are on Twitter
  • 63% of Twitter users find Twitter a relevant source for news
  • 500 Mio tweets are sent very day.  That is an insane 6000 tweets every second.
  • Tweets with images get more reactions. Images can increase click-throughs by 18%, result in 89% more likes, and get you 150% more retweets.
  • Hashtags were introduced in 2007. Today, tweets with hashtags twice as much engagement than tweets without hashtags.
  • One or two hashtags are optimum, while more than two hashtags can result in a drop in engagement.
  • BTW – The most tweeted hashtag is #FF (Follow Friday).
  • The Twitter account with the most followers is Katy Perry with over 93.3 Million followers, followed by Justin Bieber (88.7 Million), Taylor Swift (81.1 Million), and Barack Obama (77.8 Million).
  • 82% of Twitter users watch Video on Twitter.  90% of video views on Twitter happen on a mobile device.
  • The top five markets for Twitter are US, Japan, Indonesia, UK and Brazil.  Together these five countries produce 50% of all tweets. However, this is an international tool as Twitter supports over 40 languages
  • Two-thirds (65.8%) of US companies use Twitter for marketing purposes. And 92% of brands tweet more than once a day.
  • 60% of people expect brands to answer a query in a tweet within an hour
  • 76% are likely to recommend a brand if they experience friendly service on Twitter
  • Twitter was created in 2006 and the first tweet was sent by Jack Dorsey on March 21.
  • Twitter has 3860 employees (worldwide) with 40% of these employees working in a technical role.
  • In Q2 2016 Twitter made $602 million in revenues

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