Say it ain’t so: 2017, the new 1984

By George, how has it happened that everything in our world has become so black and white? We live in such an increasingly complex and interdependent world. Yet, isn’t it interesting that advocacy campaigns and successful politicians win by making the issues of day simple. It’s the simple truths, told simply, that are the most compelling.


However, in many cases, those simple explanations are simple-stupid. And in many case, we blinded accept them anyway?! (The obvious question is “Is 2017 the new 1984?”)


Each year, the By George Journal sets down a new editorial line-up to bring fresh, interesting material to our readers. In 2017, we are setting a three-point mission:

  1. Publish a new feature “just_the_facts” that will compile statistics and points of fact on given issues of the day
  2. Post background stories to provide insightful context on leading figures and issues.
  3. Repeat classic jokes and humourous e-mails sent our way (to lighten the day)


With this line-up we hope By George will be resourceful and relevant concerning the issues that are both dominating the news cycles and your discussions at the office or social club.


By George will extend our dialogue more consistently with our Facebook page, in our LinkedIn network and on the Twitter feed. We will also mine supporting content found in these platforms to regularly share in the Journal.


We embark on this mission with the firmly held belief that, though the world’s problems are complicated, the facts of the problem need to be understood in order to truly assess whether the simple explanation provided is just that – or is it simple-stupid?


As always, we look forward to your feedback along the way.


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