10 Rules for a Modern-Day Skeptic

Here is a tongue-in-cheek list of rules for those who wish to maintain a skeptical outlook.

# 1 – Do not let what you think get in the way of what you see.

# 2 – Do not let what you see determine what you think, for appearances are deceptive.

# 3 – Be omnivorous in your tastes.

# 4 – The only way to see something whole is from several points of view.

# 5 – The closer you come to reality the more it is a mystery, and the more unimaginable it is that you or anything else exists.

# 6 – The only truth is in scrupulous satisfaction over time.

# 7 – Develop principles that you are willing to abandon, but not easily.

# 8 – When anything is too sacred to joke about, the cause is fear.

# 9 – If you are skeptical of faith and reason, what is left as a basis for decision? Everything, so long as you are prepared to be wrong.

# 10 – Death is the sunlight that makes all things visible.



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