CG&A COMMS entering its 25th year

We are pumped at CG&A COMMUNICATIONS as we start the first full work week of 2018. Our braintrust of public relations and government relations specialists is entering our 25th year of business

Not every business – certainly not a “virtual” PR/GR consultancy – can celebrate longevity, especially when there has been such fundamental changes to how business and people communicate in the last 25 years. In the early 90’s email was just being introduced into the work place and the buzz was something new called “the web”. The company’s greatest costs in the early days were Bell bills that covered long distance and fax expenses, and the trusty cross-City bike couriers who delivered and retrieved clients’ files in a timely fashion. So, looking back at the past 25 years of a small business specializing in communications is like travelling through a time warp!


Company President Chris George explains the firm’s success can be attributed to the professionalism and talent of its network of associates.  “We have come this far because of our personal attention to our clients’ needs. We have had great people along the way who have enriched our brand and reputation for reliable and quality services.”


“Looking at this 25th year, it’s great to have so many exciting initiatives before us and a few new projects on the horizon.”


On January 4, 2019, CG&A COMMUNICATIONS will mark its special anniversary — 25 years to the day the firm “opened its doors.”  George quipped on the next 12 months, “One can’t blame us for wanting a year-long celebration leading up to the 25-year anniversary. A career milestone like this certainly won’t come again in our lifetime!”


Chris George provides reliable PR & GR counsel and effective advocacy. Need a go-to writer and experienced communicator? Call 613-983-0801 @ CG&A COMMUNICATIONS.


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