The Almonte – Ashton – Stittsville – Carp Loop (106 km)

Here is a terrific loop that takes you through beautiful country roads and the hamlets of Appleton and Ashton, along the TransCanada Trail into Stittsville, through scenic woods to Carp and then cycle back through farmland to Almonte. Enjoy this ride!

  • Almonte Old Town Hall / OVRT bridge / left on Main Street to Ramsay Con. 8 – 2.9 km
  • Left on Ramsay 8 to Reid Gardens on Pick Road – 14. 5 km
  • Left Pick / Left County Road 29 / Right Fairway Crescent to Wilson Street – 2.1 km

  • Wilson Street through Appleton & over bridge / Left on River Road up hill – 3 km
  • Right onto Appleton Sideroad and follow to 9th Line – 8.3 km
  • Left on 9th Line to Ashton & its main corner – 4.4 km
  • Right at corner onto Flewelynn Road to Dwyer Hill Road – 3.1 km
  • Left on Dwyer Hill to intersection of TransCanada Trail – 2.6 km

  • Right onto the TransCanada Trail into Stittsville / to Main Street (Quitters Coffee) – 11 km
  • Continue on TransCanada Trail to Iber Road – 2.5 km
  • Left on Iber which turns into Huntmar / pass Canadian Tire Place to Richardson Sideroad – 5.6 km
  • Right Richardson / Left Terry Fox to Second Line – 4.4 km
  • Left on Second Line / Left Old Carp Road winding through to March Road – 6.7 km
  • Continue on Donald Munro Drive into Carp and corner of Carp Road – 2 km

  • Right on Carp Road (pass Alice’s Café) to Craig Side Road – 1.7 km
  • Left on Craig Side Road / follow Donald Munro Drive around two bends to Panmure Corner –  11.5 km
  • Through onto Panmure Road to Ridge Road – 10.8 km
  • Left on Ridge Road through to corner of Martin Street North – 2.7 km
  • Left on Martin Street North into Almonte / through lights back to Old Town Hall – 6.2 km

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