Almonte’s winding Old Perth Road route (a 20 km gem)

There is perhaps no prettier road in the Almonte vicinity than Old Perth Road. The canopy of trees through wooded lots are enchanting. When heading east on the road, there is a magical moment when you crest a hill and look down onto farm pastures and a winding road that disappears into a field – only to reappear again to climb a distant hill.

It is the most memorable of Lanark back roads.

Here is a short 20 km cycle loop that will take you through the woods of Old Perth Road and onto the crest of THAT hill.

  • Start at the Almonte Old Town Hall and head left onto the Rail Trail towards CP…
  • Proceed down the rail trail to Smart street – 2.1 km
  • Right on Smart Street / Left on Country Road / dog leg to Country Rd 29 stop sign – 1.8 km
  • Proceed through on Rae Road to corner of Old Perth Road – 6.7 km
  • Right on Old Perth Road to the crest of THAT hill – 5.2 km
  • Proceed on Old Perth Road into town veering left to Mill Street – 3.6 km
  • Left on Mill Street to bottom of hill and photo op at Almonte’s waterfalls – 300 m
  • Right onto Main Street and return to Old Town Hall via rail trail bridge – 500 m

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