The Butter Tart Ice Cream Sandwich

The latest bakery news coming from Toronto is that Gerrard Street Bakery has just introduced the “outrageously delicious butter tart ice cream sandwich.”

This dessert is exactly as sounds: two fresh, house-made butter tarts with a middle of gelato.

The bakery has teamed up with Toronto’s House of Scoops – home of specialty gelato.

Bakery owner Paul Clementi was quoted in media: “We do a lot of butter tart incorporated things. A lot of recipes stem from the butter tart itself. We have a butter tart cake, butter tart cookie, butter tart gelato and now a butter tart gelato sandwich.”

The feature dessert costs between $10 – $12 a piece.

The bakery also has a Nanaimo bar hybrid treat – The eh bar ($5) which is a Nanaimo bar with a butter tart filling.

Gerrard Street Bakery is located at 635 Gerrard St East in East Chinatown.

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