Greater Interactivity with Your Social Media

So you’ve unwrapped a new blog, got yourself on Twitter and are increasing your comments and activities on Facebook. Still, there doesn’t seem to be an interest in what you’re doing and what you’re saying. How do you get attention for your ideas? How do you get your readers involved in your dialogues?

Here are a few tips to get greater audience engagement with your social media.

  • Use conversational language
  • Ask open questions or ask people for help.
  • Leave your posts slightly undone so that you invite your readers to add to the posting
  • Link to other people, other sources of information in your posts (to encourage cross referencing between those sources)
  • Reply to every comment (and send a welcome e-mail to those commenting for the first time)
  • Visit the blogs of those who comment on your posts and reply by commenting on their posts

And the #1 tip for getting people to engage with you, your issue and opinion is to share something of yourself in your post. Readers want to know what motivates you to sound off. The more comfortable they are in recognizing the motive(s) for your post(s) the more comfortable they will be in contributing to your dialogue.

Social media is a two-way conversation… you need to share and to give in order to receive.

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