By George Top-10 Canadian Icons listed the top 10 Canadian icons “that have been branded as our global symbols and that define our Canadian identity.”  In ascending order, they picked: maple syrup, Canada goose, beaver, Tim Horton’s, the loon, totem poles, Mounties, the CBC, the maple leaf and their number #1 icon is hockey.

In our own circles, we have been asking around and have prepared this list:

The By George Top 10 Canadian Icons

10.  Newfie jokes, eh! Canadian humour at its best…

9.  The beauty of our country’s nature captured in a Group of Seven shoreline painting or with a lone canoeist gliding through the early-morning mist of a fresh water lake

8.  A mounted RCMP with Parliament Hill’s Peace Tower serving as his backdrop

7.  A Bryan Adams ballad or Margaret Atwood novel – or our country’s next generation of talent – crooner Justin Bieber and renowned Yann Martel

6.  Paul Henderson’s ’72 Team Canada sweater – the hopes and dream of a nation immortalized with this $1 million icon

5.  The Canada Space Arm reaching out with the globe in the background – a poignant symbol of our remarkable contribution to science and to tomorrow’s dreams

4.  A Tim Horton’s double-double and a maple-iced donut (hey, believe it or not in the Maritimes, they’re now ordering 4 x 4s – a coffee with four creams and four sugars!)

3.  HNIC’s Coache’s Corner highlighting Bobby Orr soaring through the goal crease, Wayne Gretzky scoring from behind the net, and/or Sydney Crosby skating backward and raising his arms in victory.

2.  Terry Fox and his drive and will to make a difference – our memories of Terry’s smile, his curly hair, the lean of his body as he makes his way through the Canadian Shield landscape.

1.  The red maple leaf – Through the past forty years, the red leaf in the middle of our nation’s flag has become a definitive icon for Canucks and for the world. From a fluttering flag to the patch on a serviceman’s shoulder, the red maple leaf represents all that is good in our country. 

(ed. – This is a repost, picked as one of our favourite three posts of 2010, taken from the earlier posts on the By George Journal.  Aside from being an interesting and fun assignment, this particular article had tremendous feedback from our readership. The original post is here:  )

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