Placing stones for success

Here is a very thoughtful piece by Rollo C. Hester. He tells us about placing 20 stones in the building of a firm foundation for success.


1. The wisdom of preparation.  2. The value of confidence.  3. The worth of honesty.  4. The privilege of working.  5. The discipline of struggle.  6. The magnetism of character.  7. The radiance of health.  8. The forcefulness of simplicity.  9. The winsomeness of courtesy.  10. The attractiveness of modesty.  11. The inspiration of cleanliness.  12. The satisfaction of serving.  13. The power of suggestion.  14. The buoyancy of enthusiasm.  15. The advantage of initiative.  16. The virtue of patience.  17. The rewards of cooperation.  18. The fruitfulness of perseverance.  19. The sportsmanship of losing.  20. The joy of winning.


This gem was ripped from a back issue of an early By George newsletter. It has also been reposted in the By George Journal.

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