A look at balancing the fed budget

From that clever Canadian rag The Beaverton, editors have given us “10 ways to balance the federal budget”

Akin to the Letterman Top-10 countdown, here are the Beaverton’s suggestions:

1. Retrofit Royal Canadian Navy to use more fuel efficient sail technology

2. Reduce House of Commons expenses by putting all legislation for next century into single omnibus bill

3. Create a maximum living age to reduce health care costs

4. Reduce bridge spans by 20% to save on infrastructure expenditures

5. Ask single mothers to get a fourth job to increase tax revenue

6. Ask everyone to chip in

7. Release the Territories back into the wild

8. Start offering Tory MPs lower-grade feed, made out of other Tory MPs

9. Give veterans a shiny new medal instead of their pensions

10. Start producing attack ads against the deficit



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