Lesbos generosity a shining light


USA Today has published a feature on the Lesbos Yiayias and their nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize. In a wonderful article This Greek grandmother could win the Nobel Peace Prize the national news agency wrote:

Emilia Kamvysi is not the typical Nobel Peace Prize candidate. The 86-year-old is not a politician, activist or lawyer. Her days are simple and slow. Like other Greek retirees on the island of Lesbos off the Turkish coast, she cooks for her children and grandchildren, watches the evening news and sits on the bench with her neighbors gazing at the sea. Then her life changed…”


This USA Today article is a must-read and for more background, read By George Journal’s earlier post:

Lesbos: providing renewed faith in humanity

Unquestionably, there is nobody more deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize than the people of Lesbos — those Yiayias and fishermen who have given so much of themselves.


[Photos credits:  Nikolia Apostolou, Special for USA TODAY]

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