It’s the all-important question: raisins or no-raisins

By George is celebrating July as the “Butter Tart Month.”

We are having a sweet time, but there is one piece of serious business we wish to clear up with our followers. It’s the all-important question for all butter tart lovers:

“Does the ultimate butter tart contain raisins?”

Mid-way through our By George survey the results are inconclusive:

Raisin 47 %

No-Raisins 39%

Other 14%

(With respect to the “other” responses, some people said “both” or “neither” and some answered pecans or currants.)

If you have not done so already, please register your opinion by emailing us at or visit the By George Facebook page and leave us a message.

Here is a menu of our delectable articles on Canada’s iconic dessert.

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