#1 Christmas Movie : “It’s a Wonderful Life”

Through the years, By George Journal has featured “It’s a Wonderful Life”, well, it’s the best Christmas movie we have – a moving account of a caring, community-minded, family man who struggles with inner-doubt and comes to fully appreciate the love of family and friends. In our crazy, mixed-up world, it doesn’t get better than this.

Here are quick links to our Journal’s posts on this must-rewatch-this-holiday film. 

Drop us a note and let us know when you view “It’s a Wonderful Life” this Christmas season. Enjoy!


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1 thought on “#1 Christmas Movie : “It’s a Wonderful Life”

  1. Susan Wright

    Don’t you find that Almonte reminds you of Bedford Falls, especially when there is snow? Merry Christmas to you and yours Chris, from Susan, ZuZu, and Clarence Odd Body, Angel Second Class.



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