Anaphylaxis & Ottawa & MPs

Last week By George Journal marked the first anniversary of a special House of Commons debate on anaphylaxis with a series of posts about severe allergies and what Ottawa is and can do to help reduce the risk of life-threatening allergic reactions. Here is an index of those articles.

Anaphylaxis Issue:  Allergen Food Labelling

       Federal Government’s new labelling regulations

Anaphylaxis Issue:  Research (great news last week!)

       Federal Government’s $36.5 million commitment to allergy research  

MPs Receptive to Acting on Anaphylaxis Issues

       Activities in Parliament through 2011-12

The CAI and Anaphylaxis Awareness in Ottawa

       The Genesis of Canadian Anaphylaxis Initiative and working with MPs

CAI’s Spring Activities in Ottawa

       Latest news from the families of the Canadian Anaphylaxis Initiative

Families seeking a responsible response to anaphylaxis

       CAI’s call to action

Anaphylactic Reactions are Serious; Potentially Fatal

       A picture says a thousands words…


Post-script:  The Canadian Anaphylaxis Initiative is looking for interested Canadians who are concerned about anaphylaxis to join our families’ awareness campaign.  We ask you to contact us at with any suggestions for moving our goals forward – as well as any information regarding your contact with MPs.  For more information on the CAI, please visit the website:

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