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For millions of Canadians, it’s all about the arenas and the enjoyment of our national obsession! The hockey season envelopes us and our daily routine is just that much better when you drop a puck. Whether it’s double-checking the scores from the night before or hurrying off to the rink with a trunk load of gear, in this country we have good reason to smile.

By George Journal has numerous posts capturing the spirit and passion of our game – tagged “hockey”. Aside from great hockey quotes, photos and some puckish humour, through the last few years we have provided readers with some reflective posts on the beloved game. Here are a half dozen that you’ll find in the By George Journal index:

Hockey is the glue that binds our Nation
It starts with the sound of the blades
The Arena: a Lens onto Life (a poem)
Don Cherry and Coach’s Corner – warping our national identity?!
Ahelluva Hockey Commercial!
The Sad Reality regarding The End of the Season


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