A creative hiatus

79A Creative Hiatus

Every now and then it is always good to take time, to stop and observe the silence around you. It is best to listen to the spaces in between your daily sirens and muted background noise. And we figure this period – in between sloppy snowfalls and a much anticipated spring – is that time.

By George is checking out for a few weeks, taking a hiatus from posting. We plan on pursing some creative, cock-eyed thoughts. We hope to scoop and bottle up energy and enthusiasm – to see new horizons and better understand the ground upon which we stand.   

In the weeks we are hiding, we encourage you to visit the back pages of The By George Journal and discover some of our past treasures.    

Features Section: news, articles and opinion pieces

The Lighter Side: humourous articles and classic jokes

Wordplay: an exploration of words and language

Words from the Wise: sage sayings, maxims and quotable quotes

Workplace Tips: self-improvement advice for your work


Enjoy the read.  


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