Cycling the Cabot Trail – Pleasant Bay to Glenora Distillery (Day 4)

Day 4 Route ~ September 1, 2022 (76 km)

  • Drove in the rain over the mountain tops of both MacKenzie and French
  • Enjoyed the classic Cabot Trail Lookoffs
  • Began cycling in Petite Etang
  • Through Cheticamp
  • Through Acadian towns with sidetrip on #219
  • Back onto #19 into Inverness
  • End Day 4 at the Glenora Distillery

It was raining, so we drove the winding roads of both MacKenzie and French Mountains.

We enjoyed the classic Cabot Trail lookoffs.

day 4 we began cycling in Petite Etang, just outside the park…

… through Cheticamp and the Acadian towns…

… and south along the picturesque west shore of the Island…

…cycling the 219 where the rocky shore turns to sand dunes.

Back onto the 19 into Inverness (and passing the Route 19 Brewery).

Onto the Glenora Distillery to end Day 4 with a toast (well, more than one)! 

Our Cabot Trail Cycling Adventure

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