10 FAV Photos Cycling the Cabot Trail

Here are our top ten photos of the ride…

Day 1, at the start of our Cabot Trail adventure.

Day 2, riding from the Englishtown Ferry. 

Day 2, atop Smokey. Mission Accomplished.

Day 3, Climbing out of Neils Harbour.

Day 3, on the way to Meat Cove in Capstick, where the blacktop ended.

Day 3, outside of Meat Cove.

Day 4/5, at the Glenora Distillery.

Day 5, on the Sea Walk.

Day 5, at the end of the trail.

and saluting the adventure!

Our Cabot Trail Cycling Adventure

10 FAV Photos Cycling the Cabot Trail

1 thought on “10 FAV Photos Cycling the Cabot Trail

  1. Dave Redekop

    Loved the photos and the adventure. What an inspiring journey in one of Canada’s most treasured icons. Thank you for sharing and congratulations on a ride well done!


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