By George’s 2020 Virtual Eggnog Bowl

The Christmas season is normally a very social time. But perhaps not in 2020. So, through this season the By George elves provided merry sayings and seasonal facts and information to add a little extra cheer in our followers’ days.

Here are the daily BGJ posts through December 2020.

Now, take up a glass and join the party. 

New Year’s Toasts, Quotes and Verse

A Canadian Christmas Carol

Merry Christmas

Christmas (in words) 

Our 2020 Christmas Wish ~ By George 


This just in… Christmas is to be Downsized

Top-10 Things to Say about a Christmas Gift You Don’t Like

Some Christmas Humour

“I’d rather be cycling.” – Santa

Our Dozen FAV Funny Christmas Quotes

Christmas Toasts

For Your Christmas and New Year’s Celebrations

Thoughts to infuse the spirit of Christmas

#1 Christmas Movie: “It’s a Wonderful Life” 

25 Favourite Christmas Puns

Holiday Cookie Rules

10 Guffaws to start the Christmas Partying

Humourous Christmas Quotes

Gift-receiving – the pessimist and the optimist

A Dozen 2020 Christmas Memes

Elf-on-the-Shelf (Ho-Oh-No) Memes

Canadian Christmas Memes

BGJ’s Christmas Memes

“Beware Revelers” the season of memes

The Folded Napkin

10 facts about “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”

Our top 10 Christmas movie list

The iconic “It’s a Wonderful Life”

Facts about “The Real” Bedford Falls 

10 Favourite Lines from It’s a Wonderful Life 

5 Must-Knows about It’s a Wonderful Life

The Christmas Tree- quotes for the season

O Christmas Tree

Conversations over the (virtual) eggnog bowl

Greek Kourambiedes – “The” Christmas Cookie 

Christmas facts from around the world (2) 

Christmas facts from around the world (1) 

Top 10 Christmas Record Breakers

The hustle & bustle of Christmas shopping 

Here’s to a punny Christmas

A total of 40 Christmas facts to get us started 

Even more interesting Christmas facts

10 more interesting Christmas facts 

10 interesting Christmas facts

Eggnog has a rather rich history

With Eggnog, you know the holiday season is upon us! 

We refilled the bowl a few times daily and posted in social media, on the By George Facebook page and our Twitter @byGeorgeJournal — so all could drink in a steady stream of creative yule time content. Cheers!

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