The By George Virtual Eggnog Bowl

As is the tradition around our workshop, throughout the Christmas season the By George elves will be provided merry quotes, seasonal facts, and interesting trivia to add frothy cheer to your days.  Enjoy diving into our virtual eggnog bowl.  Take up a glass and join the party through December. Cheers!

With Eggnog, you know the holiday season is upon us! 

Eggnog has a rather rich history

Tips for conversing over the eggnog bowl

Conversations over the (virtual) eggnog bowl

A FAV:  The Folded Napkin

A Christmas Story: A Slice of Life

40 interesting Christmas facts

The American history of modern day Christmas

15 Christmas Quotes (shareable images)

The hustle & bustle of Christmas shopping 

Top 10 Christmas Record Breakers

Christmas facts from around the world (1) 

Christmas facts from around the world (2) 

3 Most-Popular Symbols of a Traditional Christmas 

Greek Kourambiedes – “The” Christmas Cookie 

O Christmas Tree

The Christmas Tree- quotes for the season

5 Must-Knows about It’s a Wonderful Life

10 Favourite Lines from It’s a Wonderful Life 

Facts about “The Real” Bedford Falls 

The iconic “It’s a Wonderful Life”

Our top 10 Christmas movie list

10 facts about “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”

“Beware Revelers” the season of memes

BGJ’s Christmas Memes

Canadian Christmas Memes

Elf-on-the-Shelf (Ho-Oh-No) Memes

A Dozen 2020 Christmas Memes

Christmas Memes for 2021

Some of the funniest Christmas memes!

Top Dozen 2022 Christmas Ads on TV

Gift-receiving – the pessimist and the optimist

A Chess History Lesson for Christmas

Humourous Christmas Quotes

10 Guffaws to start the Christmas Partying

Holiday Cookie Rules

25 Favourite Christmas Puns

Our Dozen FAV Funny Christmas Quotes

Top-10 Things to Say about a Christmas Gift You Don’t Like

Some Christmas Humour

This just in… Christmas is to be Downsized


“I’d rather be cycling.” – Santa

A Canadian Christmas Carol (published December 25, 2020)

With its holiday deceptions, Trudeau government is Canada’s “Grinch”  (published December 24, 2021)

Johnny Canuck’s requests of Santa Claus (published December 23, 2022)

#1 Christmas Movie: “It’s a Wonderful Life” 

Christmas Toasts

Thoughts to infuse the spirit of Christmas

For Your Christmas and New Year’s Celebrations

Our elves will be refilling the bowl through the coming weeks. You will want to read these new posts for the 2023 season.

My Christmas Eve 1942

What Christmas is as We Grow Older – Charles Dickens

The G&M Holiday Treats Bracket

2 eggnog sweets recipes

Beware of Egg-Nog (a poem from 1817)

More Christmas Memes (2023)

Our By George 2023 Christmas Wish

We plan on scooping out refreshments daily in our social media — on the By George Facebook page and our Twitter @byGeorgeJournal. You can enjoy a steady stream of creative yule time content to consume and to share. Cheers!

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